About Jennifer Douglas Abubakar

Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar

Dr. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar

Jennifer Douglas Abubakar is the fourth wife of Nigerian politician and businessman Atiku Abubakar. They met in 1982 but soon lost contact. She relocated to the United States, where she married her first husband whom she divorced later. Beautiful and highly intelligent, this Igbo lady was a reporter in the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), before she married Atiku. She met Atiku again in the late 1990s. Jennifer, formerly named as Jennifer Iwenjiora embraced Islam, the religion of her husband. She was baptized with the name Jamilah after her marriage to Atiku.

Education and experience

Jennifer Douglas Abubakar is a doctorate degree holder from the American University in Washington, DC. Jennifer’s academic background is stellar and very impressive. She holds a Doctorate degree in International Relations. She also has a Master’s degree in International Politics, with a concentration in International Law and Communications. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Communications.

Jennifer is also a lawyer and was called to Bar in Nigeria in 2014, on her husband’s birthday. She is currently the Managing Partner at Miyetti Law which is based in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Ms. Abubakar’s legal practice focuses on corporate financing transactions and transnational asset recovery. She also leads her philanthropic foundation that aims to support and raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and mental illnesses. Highly educated and compassionate, Ms. Abubakar works to share her knowledge and resources to the less fortunate Nigerians.

Her Life’s Works

http://www.gedefoundation.org/Gede Foundation

A dedicated wife and loving mother to three, Jennifer also devotes her time to helping the less fortunate through her philanthropic foundation.

Ms. Abubakar devotes her efforts to her legal practice and philanthropic causes. She founded the Gede Foundation in 2002, one of the pioneer non-government organizations in Nigeria, aimed to help the under-served, ignored, and highly stigmatized groups. The group provided treatment and care for HIV/AIDS victims, as well as training and research into the disease. Since 2013, the foundation has published peer-reviewed research related to HIV and AIDS.

Aside from helping AIDS/HIV victims, Gede Foundation also supported over 5000 orphans by sending them to school. Gede also aims to address the stigma surrounding mental health illnesses in Nigeria. Ms. Abubakar wishes to break down the discrimination that Nigerians with mental illness suffer.

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About Jennifer Douglas Abubakar

Miyetti Law

Miyetti Law is a multifaceted law firm in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, Nigeria where Ms. Abubakar is a Managing Partner. The firm’s practice and expertise include:

  • Corporate Law, which includes Insolvency, Intellectual Properties and Trademark, and Business and Financial Services among others
  • Public and Private International Law, which includes Human Rights, Immigration, and Immunity of States
  • Government relations, including Regulatory Compliance
  • Private Clients which include Trust and Estate Planning

In the aim to help Nigerians who cannot afford legal counsel and representation, Miyetti Law offers pro bono services under the Miyetti Rights Project. The project aims to give legal assistance to indigent individuals and organizations that cannot afford to pay for lawyers. Pro bono services are carried out with diligence, enthusiasm, passion, and energy that is given to all the legal undertakings of the firm.

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